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We gathered here all the information we think useful for anyone who wants to understand what is Vesta and how it works.
This section will grow with the platform and its users.
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Signing Up and Tutorial
Explanation for all profiles.
Signing Up

• Upload a valid ID Card/Passport
• Take a selfie
• Give an email address (we will send you a mail to confirm it)
• Choose a password (make sure to keep it secret and safe)
Invest Tutorial

• Connect your wallet
• Select a project on the marketplace
• Choose the amount you want to invest
• Receive your tokens and manage your portfolio as you wish.
The Vesta Investment Worldmap
All the promising places we are keeping an eye on, and why.
Click on the name of a country to see its potential.
Vesta Basket Token (VBT) Principle
Why invest in baskets instead of individual projects?
A basket is an already diversified portfolio, which ensures you a more stable investment quickly.

What are the benefits of investing with Vesta?
- No time consuming paperwork.
- You can withdraw your investments at any time.
- Vesta is the very first and only platform to implement tokenized compound interest.

How does the compound interests process work?
Instead of simply distributing ROI to each investor, we reinvest it back into the pool. Initially, new tokens will be added to the pool approximately every 20 days. This interval will decrease over time.

Future Value Projection of VBT Over 40 Years with 9.5% Compound Interest*
The formula for calculating the future value of the VBT, taking into account the real estate interests related to rents and property appreciation, is as follows :A = P × (1+r) n
Where :

A = the future value of the VBT, including interests

P = the initial price of the VBT (initial investment)

r = the annual interest rate related to rents

n = the number of years the money is invested or borrowed
*This financial projection does not account for the appreciation of the underlying real estate assets. It is based solely on the interest generated by the reinvested rents.
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